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Celebrating The Germany Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

It seems hard to believe, but it has already been a year since the very first blog post on The Germany Blog.

Since that time, we have shared more than 50 posts as a readership community. I’ve enjoyed your comments and feedback (including those received via the metaphysical ether), and I hope that you have enjoyed getting an insider’s view of Germany.

Together, we’ve been all over the map. This includes all corners of Germany as well as almost every topic imaginable. From how to find new authors in Germany to how to get your laundry done by mail, nothing has been off limits, not even dating life in Germany! :-)

Some of the most popular posts haven’t always been what I might expect, but that just goes to show that there is something about Germany for everyone to love.

I bring you the things that I think are interesting . . . but I am happy to write about the things that are most on your mind. Do let me know what you have liked about this past year and what kinds of questions or topics you would like to see me discuss in the blog in the year ahead!

Speaking of the year ahead, well, I’m sure you’re curious about what’s coming up. The next year will bring a continuation of my weekly blog posts, as well as several new items for the Web site and the blog.

And I do have one big surprise in store . . . but you will have to stay tuned to find out all about it! ;-)

My suggestion?

Make sure you are signed up for my monthly G-ZINE to get all of the announcements for the site as a whole, and feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions for the blog. I love to hear from you!

This last year together has flown by, and I am looking forward to spending many more years sharing with you all about my favorite topic and dearest country — Germany! ;-)

All the best and thank you for this year together!


The Starting Point Of The Germany Blog

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

The time has come to start the blog, or as I call it, The Germany Blog. Its purpose?

The Germany Blog will provide you with a lot more insights and Secret Tips, big and small, that just don’t fit on or to the regular content pages available at (yet). Here, I will dig much deeper, share more insider tips, reveal more unknown spots… in short, The Germany Blog is going to have more personality — more Marcus. :-)

That said, feel free to…

  • Subscribe to the blog’s RSS Feed in order to receive notifications whenever a new post was published by clicking on the Subscribe link below.
  • Share individual posts with your friends and family using the Email Friend and Share Page links below.
  • Save individual posts in your browser’s Favorites by clicking on the Bookmark link below.
  • Find a post so valuable that you’d like to print it out and keep it with you while you travel to Germany? That’s why I provide you with the Print Page link below. :-)

Try the above out; it works wonderfully!

See? I did think of your individual needs and wishes. If you still miss something, do drop me a line using the Contact Form!

Now that we’ve covered the exciting points, let’s cover some politics…

As eBay, I, too, believe in the good in humans and, generally, see positive intentions behind human behavior. Plus, I do more than appreciate comments and feedback. However, comments from unknown visitors will be held in moderation and approved individually and manually. This is to keep this a very friendly and supportive place.

This means, if your comment has not been approved and thus does not appear on The Germany Blog, this can have various reasons. Do not feel discouraged, though. Instead, re-submit an improved version of what you wanted to say.

Here are a couple points to lead you to the right direction and/or get your neurons rolling… :-)

  • Use your real name.
  • Use your e-mail address.
  • Say more than a mere “Hi” or “That’s great”. Think of what helps the community, what can you contribute so everyone benefits from it? Generally, it shall be worth more than just a couple words.
  • Did, what you were about to say, actually serve you more than others? Well, say something that aids others more than yourself. Try it; it works. ;-)

Bottom line? Keep it real. Be real.

Remember why we’re all around here?

We all love Germany; we all love to travel; and we all love to have a good fabulous, cool, extraordinary, terrific, unforgettable time. So let’s be kind and appreciative and respectful to each other.

See ya! :-)


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