German Personality Traits ;-)

I found the Schnitzel Republic Blog on the personality traits of the typical German quite by accident.

Wow, are we really like that? In typical German fashion, I was obsessed (I mean, motivated) to find out if these were really true.

Stubborn & Argumentative

Germans stubborn? Wow, when a German’s got his mind to something — then nothing will detract him (or her) from their mission.

Case in point, 3 friends were coming home from a German club one night. The driver stopped the vehicle right in the middle of the street putting his car in park and absolutely refused to move until the €20 he thought was owed was paid right there on the spot.

The funniest part? They were 2 blocks from their house — the passengers could’ve walked home. But, noooo… they decided to argue it out in the middle of the street.

Stubborn? I’d say yes. Argumentative? Too. Maybe there is some merit to this.

Wow, that’s two typical German traits for the price of one story.


I’d call it loyalty. Yes, Germans will find a brand they like and stick to it (you know, Mercedes vs. BMW vs. Audi). There’s something comforting in the fact that on the 2nd Saturday of the month when the moon’s in Aquarius with a Venus rising that there’s some event or another going on. Makes it easy to plan things that way.

Why is this a shock? Germans plan, plan, plan. One friend (me) will stare at you for a good 5 minutes before answering a question because he’s thinking how to answer. ;-)


One non-German friend said, “the Germans started two World Wars, they’re not exactly the kissy-huggy type”; this in response to a lady asking why her new German boyfriend wasn’t romantically demonstrative in public.

This gives us the impression of being cold. We’re not really, we just believe in formality.


As cold as the world sees us, we’ve got a funny streak. Silly, nonsense humor isn’t going to do it for us — give us irony or vulgarity and we’re laughing til beer shoots out our nose (which isn’t funny, BTW).


Ever see a German’s eyes glaze over? They’re in deep thought as how to make something work better, faster, more efficient if you will. Some of the best inventions have come from the logical thought process that is a German brain.

Remember that when you brush your teeth with toothpaste or take some aspirin for a headache.

I would like to add one more.


My grandmom used to say, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Yes, we’re a bit OCD in the whole keeping order department. We like things tidy with no clutter — chaos is a German’s Kryptonite.

Don’t believe me? Go mess up a German’s desk (kitchen, bathroom, whatever) and watch their whole world spin out of control. I’d gander that would be hilarious — unless you’re German, of course! ;-)

Or if you’d like to get up and travel to wherever your nose takes you? Don’t do that to a German. It has good, valuable reasons to plan out a route first to ensure the most efficient travel experience.


You know what? I must say that I’m happy to be stubborn, argumentative, traditional, cold serious, humorous, creative, and orderly. Oh, and I’m also glad to be efficient, punctual, reliable, meticulous, down-to-earth, honest, and a true friend. :-)


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  4. Cherie Branham says:

    Even though while growing up I was not considered “German” and not considered “American” by my other heritage,,leaving me “wondering” who DO I belong too,, I realize now that I am older I really am half one and half the other. It can be more of one then the other depending on “where I live”! If Im in Germany or the US I embrace being stubborn, argumentative, traditional, cold serious, humorous, creative, and orderly. Oh, and I’m also glad to be efficient, punctual, reliable, meticulous, down-to-earth, honest, and a true friend. I consider myself “more German” because I really LIKE the traits listed above about me, but dont be fooled,,I can also say that when the National anthem comes on ANYWHERE or God bless the USA,, I get “goose bumps feeling VERY proud that Im “american”. (that probably explains) why I was not considered by “either side” ;o) it seems Im confused, or maybe just ,,,Proud to be GERMAN to some and AMERICAN to others , its a COMPLIMENT IN EVERY WAY NO MATTER WHAT !!

  5. Marge K says:

    Hi, I am an American married to a German man 14 yrs, living in US. My two cents as a person who has tried to be happy with this, shall we say, different attitude: I can’t do it anymore. It’s a shame because the good qualities are there and are good, great even! (orderly, work intelligent, etc.), but the coldness just goes beyond anything I can imagine sometimes. And couple that with his stubborness, passive-aggressiveness, and the fact that our mutual nearly teenage daughter cant stand him whatsoever due to his critical and cold attitude and lack of parental guidance on his part, and I guess our cultures are clashing big time:/ Sadness in this family … we were never good enough:(

    • Sara says:

      I was dating this German guy and I was hesitant to date him at first because German men do have a negative stereotype about them. i’m not a spoiled or selfish woman but there was never any romance. Not even one rose. He was controlling. Very much so. I had to constantly check in with him and always accept his calls right away. He was so cheap. All of the time. I had no issue with paying some of the time but I just wished he made me feel cherished or special. We were like roomates splitting a bill. They are very cold, critical and distant and very demanding. My German ex did have a slight sense of humor and was very loyal. It just wasnt enough. They’re great men to grow old with but when you are young, you want to be around someone fun, who laughs and smiles and romantic. Someone who is relaxing, not uptight all of the time. Show some affection. German men act old even when they are young.

  6. Ripley says:

    Yep, it’s pretty much all true. I wrote the blog note over two years ago and won’t move from that point…a single bit. Comment after comment comes in line with that. But the thing is….there are absolute moments when you need that German individual and their attitude in life. We wouldn’t have ABS or fine beer….without them. And that humor…might not be so bad (it does grow on you).

  7. Doug says:

    I stumbled upon this quite by accident, and it is SO true! I am born and raised American, but my family is of German lineage. I was raised around people who were directly from Germany, as well. Every SINGLE one of the traits listed describes me to the letter. But I consider it a blessing and a curse. No one truly understands why “logic dictates” is how I live my life. Very difficult in the work environment! I often think I would live a happier life in Germany, as I would be surrounded by people who are like minded. Hopefully no one considers lists like these offensive as these are traits that get results! Kudos!

  8. Aspenn Kennedy/Kaiser Von Schatten says:

    I have noticed that these match my traits, all of them, very Accurate to German description, gut gemacht! To fellow Germans: Next time someone critisizes our country about trying to take over the world, tell them our country was the only one that was brave enough to try it multiple times. ( Spruce it up if you have to)

  9. Richard says:

    I am a 2nd generation GermanAmerican having been born near a small German speaking town where I learn to speak English only after approaching school age. I am proud where my 100% German ancestors come from and have been to Reisbach a.d. Vils and Bachham many times.
    All German traits I see in myself.

  10. padma lochan mallick says:

    hitler had said everything wrong but only one true sentence he had said and that is “germans are the superior race in the world”.

    • JJW says:

      I am an American German. No! There is NO superior race! Hitler was evil and everything he said and did was evil and right from the pit of Hell! I can’t believe you even said that after everything that happened to the Jews and others in those death camps. Shame on You!

      • Pitt says:

        There’s no doubt I have nothing German in me because I can easily tell padma lochan mallick was trying to compliment German characteristics with some ironic humor. You are too serious, fella.

    • Barbara Vendro says:

      There is no superior race! Education to it’s fullest extent makes a difference in every human being no matter what race you belong to.

  11. padma lochan mallick says:

    i am an indian i like german beacuse if german would not have beat england in world war i and again in world war ii then it would have very difficult to get independence. some one may believe it or not but it is true.

  12. nelson smallenbarger says:

    hello my grandpa came over to u s because of all the wars they had but now the world is full of wars any morre . why cannot the different people love one another instead wanting to destroy one another i guess people to go by what the BIBLE says . love one another .

  13. Richard says:

    Germany is a great ancestrial homeland. Austria also for my maternal line. The only thing I dislike is the Enropeanism that is taking place in Germany and the decline of Germanism especially in the larger cities. That is why we confine ourselves 95% of our vacation time in smaller, rural parts of the country where true traditions are more closely observed. We liked to be treated as a ‘local’ and not just a tourist with money to spend.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I, too, agree with these traits. I am born and raised American. My grandmother is German. My father, half German and his father is of Scottish heritage. He looks more Scottish but has some of his motherscharacteristic traits. He has all the traits listed above. I consider myself having them as well, yet, unfortunately not much humor. I have traveled to Germany a few times and feel very at home in their simpler way of living. I was there competing in athletics (track) during the summer months of 2007, 2008. I often am told I look European. Yet, once I speak, it give me away as American. And, I’m often not shown as much kindness. Can’t take it personal, though. You know? My grandmother was a Homeyer.

  15. Catharina says:

    Oh, how I remember the “orderliness of our home (in America) as Germans!! As kids we couldn’t touch the walls, furniture (except certain pieces), drapes, walk on certain floors in the house!! Every week we had to polish the furniture and wash and polish the cars! (We kids could not touch the polished cars either!) The lawn was meticulously mowed, and trees, bushes, roses were tended to, and ANY weed killed on the spot!! We took our shoes off at the door to prevent any soiling of the carpets or flooring. Everything was like this! We were brainiacs thinking of the best ways to accomplish any goal! These traits continue in our family. We do not have OCD! THIS IS THE GERMAN TRADITION!!

  16. Joe says:

    Unfortunately Germany will not be what it was and what it should due to immigration and integration. Other than dropping trade barriers Germany would be much better off on its own.

  17. berns says:

    hmm… so a german guy is perfect for a german girl only?Sayang, i liked him pa naman. Anyway, nice post!very informative.:)

  18. Shirl says:

    I found most of it quiet true.

  19. erma says:

    germans are so PERFECT in many aspects. I just love them :)
    a russian-Iranian.22

  20. faria tasnim nitul says:

    German boy can marry a bangali girl??he keep happy the girl?i dont know about german boy so i m confused?they are unromantic?

  21. Emily T says:

    Yes extremely true every once in a while my stubborn German side comes out. Like today am getting over being sick with a cold feel about 80 to 85% better and should have stayed in but I was getting stir crazy and had to get out the house for a bit. I walked to Costco to get myself something to drink and some food. I knew I should have probably stayed in and got better first Knew I would regret walking to get there later. But I was tired of being stuck in the house and did it anyway .The cold air probably didn’t help me get better any quicker. My grandma is always things to make grandpa he’s being a stu The cold air probably didn’t help me get better any quicker. My grandma is always things to make grandpa he’s being a stubborn German because once he has his mindset is something he wants to do he’ll do it and there’s no stopping him even if she tries to reason with him to have her do instead

  22. Wes Pellissey says:


    My father name is Ewald Sonnenberg, he came over to Canada after ww2 and met my mother, a slavey Indian from Northern Canada. I have all these traits and am a very successful businessman because of my father, I have never quit a job and have never given up on anything in my life. I have a dry sense of humor and very meticulous about everything in my life. But i am proud and grateful my dad was german because I am like him a lot. It can be a blessing and curse at times but I’m my fathers son and would not have it any other way.

    Thank you dad❤

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